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Polystar and Business Partners recognizes environmental protection as one of his guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance to provide a quality packaging product in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes potential impact on the environment.

We intend to provide our employees with the necessary tools to enable their full involvement.

To this end:

Use resources as efficiently as possible.
We operate in compliance with all relevant federal, provincial and municipal environmental legislations.
Reducing at the source all waste and pollutants of all types, at each stage of our operations thereby reducing any environmental impacts.
We encourage, train and educate our employees to be aware of the importance of minimizing the negative impacts on the environment.
We avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutes whenever possible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and recycled.
We strive to continually improve our environmental performance by a periodic evaluation, and comparing with our objectives.
We educate our suppliers and sub-contractors about our environmental policy.

Polystar and Business Partners is committed to understanding and minimizing any undesirable environmental impacts from our manufacturing activities.

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